Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Do they Know it's Hallloween?


Ahh, All Saint's Day. The time when the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest, when the spirits find influence in the world. When our thoughts turn to spiritual questions, such as: When is it appropriate to blow out a candle in the middle of someone else's ceremony?

I was living with Chris, Matt, Faith , and Sabrina. Matt and Sabrina had broken up the year before, shortly after Matt and Faith got together. Things were tense.
It was he night after Holloween. Chris was away getting married.
A friend and I came home after some college adventure, we found Matt and Faith casually lying on the floor of the living room next to an arrangement of candles. As quietly as possible, I asked what was going on.
Now, Matt was a sick man, physically and mentally. Aparently something had 'told him' to lay out these candles in this particular arangement, and since he had done so, he felt that his health had dramatically improved. Sabrina was in her bedroom just off the living room, I gathered that she objected to the state of affairs in te living room. We chatted a bit, as Matt occasionally adjusted the candles.
Suddenly, Sabrina came into the living room in her nightgown, carrying a cordless phone, walked up to the center candle, bent over, blew it out, and walked on into the kitchen.
Shortly after that, Matt passed out, he did that from time to time. It didn't take too long to revive him, but he certainly didn't seem 'alright'.
At some point in all this my other friend left, I assume completely weirded out.

Learned after the fact, from Sabrina's side:
It seems that the arangement and colors Matt was using would produce results that were somehow very bad, according to, someone...

The tricky nit about this is that the candles of infamy were cheap orange and black halloween candles, and were only coated in their colors, over a white core. It seems it is the core color, not any outer color that is magically relevant, so Matt's arrangement was entirely white candles, which is an altogether different thing. Sabrina at the time did not know this.



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