Friday, July 21, 2006

Lost Words

snobographer - one who describes or writes about snobs

If you're looking for a snobby elitist blog title like mine, look no further than The Phonistery's Lost Words.

I've pulled out some of the words I'd like to work into conversation.

ebaptization - declaring that someone has not been properly baptized
eternitarian - one who believes in the eternity of the soul
hymnicide - killing of hymns through alterations
inobligality - quality of not being obligatory
interfation - act of interrupting another while speaking
inveteratist - opponent of reform; one who inveterately holds to tradition
isangelous - equal to the angels
jungible - that may be joined
sacricolist - devout worshipper
scathefire - great destructive fire; conflagration
sceptriferous - bearing a scepter
schismarch - founder of a schism
sermonolatry - excessive devotion to sermons
sigilism - act of revealing the secrets of the confessional
sodalitious - of or belonging to society or to fellowship
synallactic - reconciliatory
tecnolatry - worship or idolization of children
temerate - to break a bond or promise; to profane
theomeny - the wrath of God
I may suffer theomeny for my beliefs, but at least I will have been consistent.
thural - of or pertaining to incense
thysiastery - sacrificial altar
triclavianism - belief that only three nails were used at Christ's crucifixion
venialia - minor sins or offences
Lutherolatry - worship of Martin Luther and his teachings
magistricide - the killing or killer of a teacher or master
magophony - massacre of magi or priests
nerterology - learning relating to the dead or the underworld
omniregency - universal rulership; state of complete authority
papicolist - one who worships the pope; a papist
parepochism - error in dating or assigning time period
paterophobia - fear of the early Church fathers
poliadic - of the nature of a local or tutelary god
prescited - foreknown or predestined for damnation; condemned
redamancy - act of loving in return
rogalian - of or pertaining to a great fire
rogitate - to ask frequently
"Are we there yet?", the kids rogitated, apparently unaware of their parents' frustration.

I've heard of the Shakers, but:
jumperism - principles of a jumping Methodist sect
While snake-handling is ridiculous, it is no worse than jumperism or the stylites.
I need to look that up sometime.

dicaearchy - just government
graocracy - government by an old woman or women
fallaciloquence - deceitful speech
vampirarchy - set of rulers comparable to vampires

citharize - to play the harp
fabrefaction - act of fashioning or making a work of art
sagittiferous - bearing arrows
sagittipotent - having great ability in archery
speustic - made or baked in haste
stiricide - falling of icicles from a house
supellectile - of the nature of furniture
uglyography - bad handwriting; poor spelling
zygostatical - pertaining to a market official in charge of weights
mariturient - eager to marry
namelings - persons bearing the same name
orgiophant - one who presides over orgies
palintocy - repayment of interest paid on a loan
pamphagous - eating everything; all-consuming
piladex - game where an inflated bag is hit with hand to keep aloft across a table
portmantologist - one who studies or coins portmanteau words
pregnatress - female power that generates or gives birth to something
quibbleism - practice of quibbling
radicarian - pertaining to the roots of words
ruricolous - living in the country or in fields

cosmogyral - whirling round the universe
hercotectonic - of or pertaining to the construction of fortifications or walls
dodrantal - of nine inches in length
brephophagist - one who eats babies


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