Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fold it, Ship it, Roll it.

Boy in the Bands Had an Idea: "I saw the answer to a problem few have and even fewer have written about: a folding pulpit or reading desk for congregations that rent Sunday space in a non-church facility. Unitarian Universalists don’t worship at the Y as much as in the 60s, and so a lot of tricks to make such a space work are probably lost."
I like the solution, though my brind is sifting through other ays to do a similar thing. (a big old- fashioned trunk, so things wouldn't fall out?)
I think space-renting would be a good way to start up congregations fast. Why don't we do it as much? I wonder if small UU groups could borrow UCC churches for free or cheap.

My friend Cj was once looking trough a book of road-trip stops in New York State, and she pointed out a church that was 3 feet by 5 feet. I think it was the world smallest, it's centainly New York's smallest.
I was imagining what must have driven some pious but poor pioneer who could only get enough wood for a 3x5 church. Then read the it was built in 1989. I said "oh, they just bought that at Home Depot!"
Now I've been wanting to start churches for a long time, so I said that if I just had a place to put it, I could get a shed and turn it into a church. Cj then volunteered the backyard of her boyfriend's soon to be bought house, She even called him to make sure it was OK.
Now this was not a completely original idea for me, every year, a local charity has a 'Playhouse Project' in which they auction off half a dozen very high end playhouses. I think the cheapest playhouses go for $4,000. The year I remember most, they had (among others): An HSBC bank playhouse that looked just like a tiny bank, a whimsical Dr. Suess playhouse, and a tiny curch: 8'x8', four small pews, stained glass, hardwood floors, steeple and brass bell.
It was beautiful.
I'm always on the lookout for church-on-a-budget ideas. There was this school bus for sale once...


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