Thursday, January 12, 2006

Morning Conversations.

Discussion with Kim:
"Do Unitarians discuss the concept of grace? or is that a taboo subject?"
"No, we can..."
"Well, can and do are two different things..."
"...but we don't. Why?" (Kim is working on an adult sunday school class with a book titled What's So Amazing About Grace?")
"I realized that Unitarians are good at showing grace to people. Nobody would bat an eyelash if you showed up to church in a rock band T-shirt, whereas some churches won't let you in if you aren't dressed right."

Later I spoke on the phone with another friend who has decided that 'UUism is a nice support group but people who call it a religion are "hiding" ' grrrr.

4 year old:
"Didn't your mother tell you to get out of your bathing suit?"
"I forgot"
"Oh really..."
"She's not here now, and I forgot"
"Well, what you do think you should do now that you remember?"
"Keep on forgetting! "


At 10:47 PM, January 14, 2006, Anonymous sarahliz said...

Hah. That last bit is how I deal with things I'm supposed to be doing.
Of course sometimes I really do forget to do things. But most of the time I "forget" to do things.


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